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Competence in International Interaction

International competence is the key qualification for successful cooperation with people from different cultural backgrounds.

In times of globalisation more and more people have to be internationally competent:

  • not only specialists working abroad,
  • but also executives presenting and negotiating in an international environment,
  • and last but not least any office staff dealing with suppliers and customers from their local offices.

Apart from your special knowledge as an expert you need to

  • develop your intercultural sensitivity
  • expand your methods of expertise and
  • improve your language skills

to be really internationally competent.


Intercultural Sensitivity Trainings and Coachings

Basic intercultural awareness trainings regarding cultural differences

Team: focussing on cross-cultural aspects to enhance understanding and cooperation of teams with members from different countries

Brazil: to prepare and give support before and after expatriates are being sent to Brazil

Germany: to help specialists and executives from abroad understand German business practices, work-related attitudes and behaviour and give them support to adapt to life in Germany more easily

The profit gained

  • You establish a pool of internationally competent staff who are ready and fit for international tasks.
  • You reduce the risk that expats break off their commitment and return home prematurely due to intercultural conflicts.
  • By offering opportunities for development of important business skills you are valued as an attractive employer in the international "War for Talents".

Intercultural coachings
are perfect follow-ups on general trainings as they meet individual needs and focus on personal development on a one-to-one basis.

Intercultural Communication for Business (InterComBus)

InterComBus trainings and coachings are being realized in English and aim not only at improving English language skills, but also at increasing intercultural awareness and expanding methods of expertise.


  • socialising and small talk
  • phoning and e-mailing
  • giving presentations
  • chairing meetings
  • managing projects
  • improving intercultural teamwork

The profit gained

You acquire and practise basic business skills in the international language to communicate efficiently and build long-term business relationships.

InterComBus is especially suitable for international teams, e.g. as part of teambuilding. Cooperation and team spirit of members grow when working together on their specific cases and needs.

Team and Leadership

Make sure you master the basics of team work and leadership. I support you with trainings and coachings in the fields of communication, presentation, group facilitation, motivation, conflict management and self-management.

The Team Management System (TMS®) is a valuable business tool to give support in managing and leading people. By assessing functions and preferred roles in a team TMS® helps promote high performance teamworking.

Coaching: Women’s Leadership Development

Support women in the workplace on an executive level and/or help them move into management positions.


  Marion Keup


Qualified as an executive coach, trainer and consultant with many years of experience in international organisations (e.g. EU Commission, Brussels, and Goethe-Institut in Brazil) and companies (e.g. Saturn, Nokia, T-Mobile, Siemens).

Languages: German, English, Portuguese.


Help change the attitude towards learning and as a consequence encourage individuals to discover and develop their potentials - also on an international level.

Teaching methods

  • activate and involve people emotionally
  • work on the participants‘ specific tasks
  • learn by doing and reflect processes
  • apply effective approaches such as “Superlearning”.

Superlearning (Accelerated Learning, Suggestopedia) is based on scientific research of the human brain and humanistic approaches. It focuses on the importance of cognitive and affective aspects of learning and teaching, i.e. values the mind, the body and the spirit.

Thus, the suggestopedic training offers you a pleasant learning environment, which includes balanced phases of activity and relaxation, involves all your senses for effective learning and - last but not least - gives you the opportunity to experience the fun of learning.


For more information please contact:

Keup training & coaching
Marion Keup
Virchowstraße 38
D-45147 Essen

Phone: +49 201 749 56 76
Fax: +49 201 749 54 23

Email: info(at)keup-training.de



Keup training & coaching
Virchowstraße 38
D - 45147 Essen

Director: Marion Keup

Phone: +49 201 749 56 76
Fax: +49 201 749 54 23

Email: info(at)keup-training.de

Degree: Master of Arts (Adult Education), acquired in Germany

Tax number: 112/5201/0910



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